The virtual salesman
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Build interactive guides that help your customers find the perfect product and boost your conversions to the sky!

Guided selling

Help your customers
find the perfect product

Nowadays customers are overwhelmed by the amount of products available and sometimes they don't even know what they want or need. Unlike usual filters that every shop has, product guides take the approach of asking the customer for his needs and guiding him directly towards the best product.

Integrates with your existing shop

Make every product in your shop easy to find

Meet the customer needs better

Reduce time to checkout

Increase amount of orders


5 steps to
your product guide

Our goal is simple: Making it as easy as possible to create your own product guide. We directly integrate with your shop and offer a feature-rich platform you can depend on.

1. Connect your shop

Simply connect your shop and we´ll import and integrate your products. We offer a one-click installation for Shopify and WooCommerce and are working on integrations for other e-commerce platforms.

Connect your shop

2. Add questions

Use our visual builder to set up the questions for your product guide.

Add questions

3. Match products to answers

Our easy to use product matcher enables you to simply build the logic to match your customer´s answers to a product.

Match answers to products

4. Customize

Fine-tune your product guide to match your corporate design, integrating it seamlessly with your shop.


5. Integrate

With only two lines of code that you can copy and paste you can integrate the product guide hassle-free into your shop.



Find the perfect plan
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Our vision is to help every customer find the best product for their needs. We confidently believe that product guides can achieve this. That's why we offer everyone to start building their own product guide for free.

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In the preview phase we offer the full feature set for free. We are currently evaluating possible pricing plans and will publish them here as soon as possible.

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